The Willem C. Vis Moot

What is the Moot?

The Willem C. Vis Moot is one of the most prestigious mooting competitions in the world held annually in Vienna. It has been run virtually, however, for the past two years due to COVID-19. Participating in the moot provides an opportunity to learn and further your knowledge in both written and oral advocacy in arbitration. It also provides an unmatchable opportunity to meet other practitioners and law students from around the world.

The problem of the moot hinges on an international commercial arbitration issue, which is often relevant to the current disputed issues. The problem also always concerns an international sales transaction between fictitious corporations from fictitious states which are subject to the United Nations Conventions on Contracts for the International Sale of Good (CISG). The moot involves different institutional arbitration rules every year.

There are two parts of the problem for both Respondent and Claimant. The first is the procedural issues, which can involve issues around jurisdiction and arbitration. The second issue concerns the merits of the case or as known as the substantive issues.

At the first stage of the moot, students will prepare written memoranda for both Claimant and Respondent. Thereafter, team members will participate in a variety of Pre-Moots and then there will be an oral submission in the Finals in Vienna.

As a team member, you will also attend regular training sessions with your coaches and gain valuable feedback on how to improve your performance in both the written and oral stages.

Cambridge sends one team to Vienna every year. It has a history for performing well in this competition, winning awards for best written submissions, winning pre-moots oral advocacy and reaching the final in Vienna several years ago. Undoubtedly, the competition is demanding but with teamwork and following guidance from your coaches, you can develop and experience what a typical dispute in arbitration is like.

If you are a student at Cambridge and wish to participate in the Moot, please reach out to this email:

Team information in previous years:

28th Vis Moot (2020/21)

Team Members:

Rachelle Lam, Callum Reid-Hutchings, Michael Nguyen-Kim, TeenJui Chow, Allegra Liana, Cynthia Fernando, Holly Leung, Joshua Ooi.


Ian Gaunt, Nicholas Davidson QC, Ibrahim Alturki, Alina Papanastasiou.


Marin Domke Award for Best Individual Oralist – Rachelle Lam.

27th Vis Moot (2019/20)

Team Members:

Piers Digby, Matthew Frey, Xuan Yi Lee, Natalie Yeo, Elliot Wright, Ciara Agnew, Tim Bitterlich, Cara Donegan.


Ian Gaunt, Kenneth Rokison QC, Faidon Varesis, Ibrahim Alturki,


Fox Williams Pre-Moot 2020 – Winner.

Honorable Mention for Memorandum of Claimant.

26th Vis Moot (2018/19)

Team Members:

Katherine Boucher, Kathryn Handley, Gabriel Kaufmann, Rabin Kok, Chui Ki Venus Ma, William Moody, Glen Tay.


Lord David Hacking, Kenneth Rokinson QC, Faidon Varesis.


The team reached the Eighth Finals (round of 16) out of 372 participants.

Honorable Mention for Memorandum of Claimant.

Honorable Mention for the Memorandum of Respondent.

Individual Oralist Mention – William Moody.

Teams Orals Honorable Mention.

Winner of White & Case Pre-Moot – Glen Tay winning best oralist award .

Fox Williams & CIArb Pre-Moot – Best Oralist – William Moody.

25th Vis Moot(2017/18)

Team Members:

Ian Cooper, Barnaby Lowe, Sophie Bird, Rabin Kik, Jian Jun Liew, Fergus Tam, Ke Wang, Michelle Wong.


Lord David Hacking, Kenneth Rokison QC, Faidon Varesis.


The team came 2nd out of 362 teams.

Highest ranked common law team.

Honorable Mention as an individual oralist – Barnaby Lowe.